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What is Apple WiFi Assist?

WiFi Assist is a smart new feature of iOS9 which automatically switches you from slow or poor performing WiFi connections to mobile 3G or 4G data. Designed to give you a seamless browsing experience, the feature is automatically turned on with the iOS9 software update, and it’s a neat addition to Apple products.

The downside is that when your iPhone or iPad uses mobile data, your usage is taken from your monthly allowance. If you regularly don’t notice that your handset has switched over from WiFi to mobile data, this could easily cause you to use more data that you usually do each month, which could lead to an unexpected bill.

If you think that Wifi assist may end up costing you money, you can easily switch it off.

Here’s how…

1) Go into SETTINGS

2) Go into MOBILE DATA

3) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, past the App data settings and turn off the option called WiFi ASSIST

You can read more about how to manage your data usage here.