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Vodafone Secure Device Manager

Using secure remote monitoring, you can update software from a central location, and even lock or wipe devices if they get lost, stolen or damaged.

VSDM is quick and easy to deploy. You can manage your whole mobile estate – including personal mobiles and tablets used under Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), from one single portal.

Benefits of VSDM


Easy setup

With VSDM you can configure all your mobiles and tablets with your network settings at the click of a button. And you can monitor and send software updates to your entire estate with easy.

Remote lock/wipe to protect your data

If a device is lost, stolen, misused or shows any sign of attack, you can lock it remotely in minutes. In the event of an emergency, corporate data and device configuration details can even be wiped.

Improve responsiveness

Vodafone research shows that 72% of staff feel that using their own device for work increases their responsiveness, due to their familiarity with the device.

Easily distribute information and updates

Securely send software updates from one central location to your whole workforce, or designated employees, no matter where they’re located.

Manageable, predictable costs

With a monthly subscription based on the number of devices you’re managing, costs are easy to manage. Subscriptions include the cost of any software licences; therefore VSDM offers predictable costs with no surprises.