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Vodafone One Net

Every business needs to be ready every time their customer calls.

Vodafone’s One Net service fully integrates fixed line, mobile, desktop and tablet connectivity all on one system.

Vodafone provides a flexible, fully integrated, cloud based communications service that will ensure that your business is always connected, and never misses a call.

One net can help you to work more flexibly, responsively and productively, take a look at it’s benefits…


One number for all your customers

Make things simple for your customers by having one number. You can take incoming calls from any phone, wherever you are.

One voicemail box

Share a single box for all your numbers. This way any messages can be retrieved and actioned by anyone in the company, improving your business response time.

One provider, one bill

One provider means one contract and one bill for all your fixed and mobile requirements, saving you time and money, with no call forwarding charges.

A reliable connection

One Net connectivity won’t let you down. The fully secure phone system hosted via an IP-based network is managed end to end and monitored 24/7 to ensure you always stay connected.

Future proof technology

On-going updates mean that you will always have the latest technology. And virtual system upgrades prevent on-site disruption.

Direct your calls accurately

You can use hunt groups, so your customer calls are directed straight to the right person or team, improving your service levels. Phones can ring simultaneously or sequentially until the call is answered.

Always ready to answer

Monitor staff availability at an individual level to ensure calls are directed effectively. You can quickly switch all calls to mobiles or another office to avoid service disruptions.

Full admin controls

The user friendly online Feature Management Portal allows you to add functionality, users or even new locations. Users can manage their own calls and call profiles at an individual level using the mobile app.