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Using your voicemail abroad – EE

Using your Voicemail in the EU

If you’re abroad but within the EU you won’t be charged if someone leaves you a voicemail. You will pay to listen to your voicemail at the per minute roaming rate.

If you wait until you get home to retrieve your messages the minutes will come out of your UK call allowance or pay as you go credit as usual.

Using your Voicemail outside the EU

Outside the EU you’ll be charged the applicable per minute rate when you call to listen to your voicemail. You’ll also be charged the incoming rate when someone leaves you a voicemail unless you turn off your voicemail.

Please note: These charges continue to apply until you’re reconnected to the EE network in the UK. We therefore recommend that you turn on your phone as soon as permitted when you return to the UK.

The easiest way to avoid unnecessary voicemail charges is to switch your voicemail diverts off, by texting VM OFF to 150. This will set your phone to ring for up to 30 seconds before the call ends without letting the caller leave a voicemail.

When you return to the UK, text VM ON to 150 to switch your voicemail diverts on.

Setting up your voicemail

You may need to enter your voicemail PIN to listen to them when you’re abroad. To set or change your voicemail PIN just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call your voicemail before you leave (press and hold 1 on your phone dialler)
  2. If you have messages you can get to the main menu by pressing the * key.
  3. From the main menu choose option 3, then press 3 (or for T-Mobile plans option 2, then press 1) and follow the instructions about changing your PIN.
  4. Enter a number between four and 10 digits. Try to make it something you’ll remember easily.

You can then check your messages by calling your voicemail from your EE phone, or dialling +44 7953 222222 from any other phone.