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Say no to 0870 numbers

Although the service charge for these numbers has recently been capped by Ofcom, they still cost a lot more to call than a local number (starting 01, 02 or 03).

Call charges to these non-geographical numbers can add up quickly, especially if the call is to a customer service or sales line, which may involve a long on hold waiting time. A non-geographical call charge of 30p per minute will cost £9 for a half hour call!

Here at Vivio we are always looking out for ways to save you money. Here’s our advice on non-geographical numbers…

  1. It’s best to avoid making calls to numbers starting 087 or 084 from your mobile wherever possible. If you need to get in touch with a customer service department, investigate whether you can do so via a live web chat, or social media. Making contact this way is also often much quicker, saving you time and money.
  2. If you have to phone from a mobile, most companies will have an alternative geographic number (01, 02 or 03) that connects you to the same place. has a large database of these alternative numbers so it’s always worth checking this site before you make the call.
  3. Browse through your app store. There are a number of free Apple and Android apps that provide alternative numbers. If you call 08 numbers regularly then downloading an app could save you time when searching for alternative numbers.

If you would like to discuss non-geographical number charges in more detail, or have concerns about charges on your bill then please get in touch.