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Samsung Galaxy SIM setup

Follow the guidance below when setting up you Galaxy SIM card.

With the back of the phone facing you, look along the left edge of the device and near the top you will see a small gap. Gently pull the back off of the handset using this gap.

The Samsung Galaxy takes a micro-SIM card that. Although smaller than a standard SIM card, a micro-SIM is inserted in to the phone in much the same way. Before inserting the battery, and with the rear of the phone facing towards you, locate the metal clip which sits beside the camera lens. This is the housing for both the micro-SIM card and the microSD (memory) card.

The micro-SIM fits into the lower slot, with the gold-coloured contacts facing down and the cut-off corner going in first. This should slide in until the edge of the micro-SIM is flush with the edge of the battery well, as shown below left.

The microSD memory card slides into the upper slot, with the gold-coloured contacts downwards and narrow end in first, as shown below centre. The photo below right shows both cards being loaded.

Once the cards are both installed, line up the metal contacts of the battery with the pins inside the battery compartment, press the battery against the contacts and push it down into the battery compartment. When the battery is sitting comfortably, place the phone’s back cover on to the rear of the handset and apply pressure around the edges to secure the protective cover.