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O2 Mobile Voice Recording

If you have an obligation to record calls or text messages, you need a solution that’s easy and cost-effective to roll out and run.

Mobile Recording from O2 is a network-based service that captures calls and text messages made and received on any mobile device, regardless of operating system.

Its dual streaming means you can record live calls to two recorders at the same time and the service is fully compatible with all leading CRM systems. Helping you to meet regulatory requirements and gain greater control and transparency of customer interactions without needing to change the way your people work.


  1.        Users get a seamless experience

Network based so you don’t need to make calls through an app or manually record the call.

  1.        SMS and Voice

Capture both voice and SMS

  1.        Hosted on premise or hybrid

You can choose the service best for you

  1.        Device and OS agnostic

Have the flexibility to use the device of your preference

  1.        Certification from NICE Systems

O2 is one of the first mobile operators to achieve SIP certification from NICE for SIP integration into NTR v6x.

  1.        A flexible approach

O2’s mobile recording service delivery team will integrate and customise the solution for your organisation

  1.        Roaming is covered

Get a consistent experience, even when roaming. All SMS and voice communications are on the CAMEL network.

  1.        Highly resilient with dual streaming

The service offers a dual active/active (2N) or active/failover (N+1) which means O2 can deliver live copies of a call to two live recorder at the same time.

  1.        Simple and transparent pricing

You can simply add-on to most tariffs with no extra costs

10.        CRM compatible

It can be integrated with leading CRM platforms.


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