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How to import your contacts from an Android to a new iPhone

Got a new iPhone? If your old handset is an Android, then follow these steps to import your contacts to your new iPhone.

Your Android handset has the ability to export its contacts in to a vCard file, which iCloud can manage. Once your contacts are in iCloud it’s just a matter of waiting for the data to finish synchronising to your iPhone.

If your contacts are not in the Google account on your old Android handset, you’ll need to save them there in order to transfer them to your iPhone, so you’ll need to work from step 1 below. If your contacts are already in your Google account, you can skip through to step 10.

To migrate your contacts from your old Android phone into your Google account:

1. On your Android handset, tap the Contacts icon on your home screen, or within the applications list. On some Android handsets, this app is called People.

2. Tap the Menu key, either as a button below the screen with three lines on or as an onscreen button in the top-right corner, with three dots on.

3. Tap Import/Export. Some Android handsets require you to press More before you can see the import/export settings.

4. Tap Export to SD card, or Export to storage depending on your phone model.

5. Once exported, you should be able to view the contacts list. Tap the Menu key once again.

6. Tap Import/Export as done in step 3.

7. Tap Import from SD card, or Import from storage depending on your handset.

8. When asked where to import the contacts to, tap Google or the Google email address.

9. Depending on your particular handset, you may be asked to choose which contacts to import. If so, select All contacts. Your contacts will now be in your Google account.

Now that your contacts are in your Google account, we can extract this information and put it into the iCloud account so that it syncs through to your iPhone.

10. On your PC, head over to Google’s contacts page and sign in with your Google email address and password.

11. At the top of your list of contacts, press More, followed by export.

12. Make sure that the all contacts radio box is ticked, as well as vCard format. Press Export to download your contacts to your computer.

13. From your computer’s web browser, visit the iCloud website and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

14. Click on the Contacts square to see a list of all your contacts currently residing in your iCloud address book.

15. Press the Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the Contacts page. This icon looks like a cog or gear.

16. From the menu, click on the import vCard button and browse your downloads folder. After picking your vCard to import and pressing OK, your contacts will start to appear in iCloud. Within minutes, your iPhone will start to show the same contacts too!