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How to import your contacts from a Windows phone on to a new iPhone

To move contacts from a Windows Mobile handset to your iPhone, you need to first move the contacts in to your Windows Contacts program on your computer. Here’s how you do it.

1. You should already have a Windows Live (or Hotmail) account already set up on the phone. Under these circumstances your contacts will be saved to the Windows Live website by default. Click the link and Sign in with your Windows Live email address and password when prompted.

2. Once you’re able to see your contacts list, click Manage at the top of the page and choose Export from the dropdown list. Your contacts will start downloading as a .csv file to your computer.

3. On your computer, click on the start menu and open Contacts.

4. From the top of the Contacts window, press Import and choose CSV as your preferred file format. Press Import to continue.

5. Click the Browse button to locate your downloaded copy of your contacts. Once you’ve found it, press Next to start importing the contacts in to your computer’s address book.

6. Now that your contacts are stored inside Windows contacts you can sync this data to your iPhone through iTunes. If you haven’t already, install iTunes from Apple’s download page.

7. If iTunes is now installed on your computer, connect your iPhone via the supplied USB data cable and click on the Info tab at the top of the summary page.

8. Now that you’re on the Info tab you will see a tick box to sync your contacts. Check that iTunes is set to synchronise with your Windows contacts, tick the box and press Sync in the bottom left corner of iTunes.

9. Your contacts will now appear on your iPhone. If you’ve signed in to iCloud on your handset, your contacts will now start backing up to Apple’s cloud storage service.