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EE Porting Information

If you are porting to a new network, we will tell you what day your number will port. Porting will take place at some point between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00. On the day of your port you should continue to use your current device and SIM as usual until you lose network coverage.

If you feel that you haven’t received any calls or texts for a while, but coverage is still showing, try dialling your mobile number to see if it rings, or which voicemail service it connects to. If it connects to your new network please switch off your device, swap to your new SIM card or start using your new device – you have ported successfully!

If you come across a split service, where you have network coverage on both your old and new SIM card, please switch the old handset off. This will allow the port to complete on your new SIM card.

It’s worth knowing that when a number ports onto a different network it usually does this in two stages; voice being first, followed by texts and data.

Our Client Services team are on hand to help with any queries so please contact us on 01244 305100 or email if you have any questions.