Whether it’s mobile, fixed line, MDM, cloud solutions or digital, we offer all the services that you need to keep your business connected.

Bespoke service

By getting to know and understand how you work, we can recommend the right services for you.

And because we’ll have taken the time to know what you need, we can monitor your account and provide data reports and advice to help you save money. Our complete joined up solutions will allow your team to work at their best.

We believe in developing successful and lasting relationships and our Client-focused approach means we will understand your requirements and match them to a service that’s right for you. 

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At Vivio we deal directly with all of the major UK mobile networks and UK handset distributors, so you don’t have to. And we do this so well, we are O2 Partner of the Year. As well as saving you the hassle of finding the right provider, our after-sales service is second to none. We’ll tailor our personal service to the requirements of your business ensuring you have the right coverage, connectivity and tech to keep you connected.

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Mobile Data

We understand the importance of wireless mobile connectivity in business. Whether it’s better connectivity for employees on the road or a temporary office, M2M data connectivity to enhance your business processes, or satellite phones for a remote site, we’ll find a solution to give you the coverage you need, when you need it.

Benefits of Vivio mobile

  • Full business mobile consultation
  • Bespoke tariff packages
  • Pro-active customer service
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Named support team
  • Monthly bill reviews
  • Advice on the right hardware

Fixed line

It’s not just mobile phones that we’re experts with... we’re awesome with fixed line services too. In fact Vivio supply and install a full range of traditional fixed line services and telephone systems, ranging from simple analogue and broadband connections right through to full private data networks. So why not pick up your phone and let’s have a chat about the best solution for you?

To keep you connected with a great fixed line service we work with O2 fixed line, Vodafone One Net and Gamma – the UK’s largest, most resilient fixed network. We’re also accredited partners with Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Panasonic and BT.

So you know you’re in safe hands. Click below to find out more about our hosted telephony services.



Virgin Media

Benefits of Vivio fixed line

  • Full network consultation and design
  • Bespoke tariff packages
  • Full installation and maintenance support
  • Advice on the right hardware
  • Phone system supply and warranty
  • Fully project managed implementation


Our digital apps address a range of genuine business needs, helping you to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. They offer a range of benefits from securing your files, to storing them on the cloud.

We will use our experience to advise you on which applications will work best in your business. Whether you want faster file sharing, or better document collaboration, we will show you how to use our tools to aid your productivity.

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Benefits of Vivio Digital

  • Manageable costs – apps are free or charged on a subscription basis with no upfront costs
  • Quick and easy set up – just download the application
  • Smarter, faster and more efficient working
  • Flexibility as applications work across multiple devices
  • Enhanced, and safer mobile working
  • Improved business processes through better file sharing and collaboration



Increased mobility within your business makes the management of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops critical to reducing business risk. Which is exactly where our MDM services can help.

We’re really proud of how our cloud based MDM solutions allow you to provide your team with access to corporate applications, data and resources when they are on the move. And of course, we’re keeping your corporate information safe at all times.

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Benefits of Vivio MDM

  • Scalable solutions with no expensive set-up costs
  • Get the most out of your mobile devices and software
  • Cost saving through usage control
  • Increased business productivity through centralised controls and management tools
  • Efficient software distribution
  • Allows your team to work securely and efficiently
  • Your business data is kept safe at all times


Vivio offer a wide range of cloud-based solutions from voice calling to software applications. Your organisation can access them on a per-user basis, eliminating the need to have expensive phone systems or servers within your office. Flexible and scalable; cloud systems are internet based, and usually charged at a monthly per user rate. This model allows you to react to business changes more quickly and easily than traditional hardware solutions.

Our cloud-based services have been developed to assist with your business mobility. This means that that our products allow your workforce to work efficiently and securely...wherever they are. In a virtual nutshell, it’s us utilising cloud technology to keep you, your colleagues and the rest of your business connected.




Benefits of Vivio cloud

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • No direct set up or maintenance costs
  • Faster, more secure data recovery, which we will manage for you
  • We will handle all server maintenance, including security updates
  • Access your cloud systems anywhere - all you need is an internet connection
  • Work in real time, share and edit live documents