Horizon Collaborate

Are meetings wasting your time?

While meetings are always well intentioned, they usually end up in spiraling off topic with no outcome, eventually becoming a “bad meeting”. The best way around this is with Horizon Collaborate.

Collaborate offer a wide range of services such as instant messaging, presence, voice, video, desktop/application sharing and document sharing. Driven through a set of end user applications for Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, it enables users to access business communications and collaboration services from their favourite devices – wherever they are.

Fully integrated with award-winning Horizon hosted PBX service, Horizon Collaborate supports all the features and functionality of the telephony service for a true unified communication experience.

Features worth knowing about Collaborate:

  • Online chat between users, reducing email inefficiencies.
  • Create a stronger collaborative experience using video calling from mobile or desktop app.
  • Shows personal status that helps define the best way to communicate.
  • Quick and easy multi-party collaboration using My Room, a personal and fully managed conference space for voice, video and sharing.
  • Hosted PBX features for full telephony feature set and service including bundled minutes.

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Key Benefits

  • Instant messaging
  • Video calling
  • Presence
  • Ad-hoc Planned Conferencing
  • Hosted PBX features
  • Streamline IT operations
  • Improve workplace experience
  • Reduce business costs

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