Managed IT Support

When it comes to IT here at Vivio we listen, identify and recommend services that will change the way your business works and as always, keeping you connected wherever you are.

At Vivio, we are proud of the vast IT partner network we have built over the years. With an IT team boasting over 50 years combined experience, holding Cyber Essentials Plus status as well as ISO9001 and ISO27001 credentials, we can fulfil your IT support requirements no matter the size of your business.

Here for you

We will be able to ensure that all users are able to connect and work, wherever and whenever they need to, with the right combination of network, hardware and service that each user will require.

Our implementation processes will be tailored to your requirements and ensure that your users have the right access that they require from day one.



IT Support Stats

  • 98.8% calls answered in 3 rings by an IT team member
  • An average of 393 IT support tickets closed per month
  • 106.58% average IT support ticket closure rate
  • 9.3 Net Promoter Score
  • An average of 41 minutes IT support ticket duration
  • An average of 523 IT support calls handled per month

Full managed IT support for SMEs

Having solid IT support in place is crucial to the success of your business, particularly those looking to achieve digital transformation. But, for many small and medium businesses this can be difficult to implement and manage, let alone budget for. In an ever-changing landscape with increased cyber threats and new legislation, your IT infrastructure needs to be proactively maintained and strategically led. That’s where we come in!

Our goal is to keep your business connected, with minimal downtime and maximum support. Consider us an extension of your business as we get to know your IT support requirements to develop a comprehensive IT support roadmap, so you can concentrate on commercial success without distraction.

We will be on hand to support your business with…

Service desk support

Scheduled on-side visits

24/7 infrastructure monitoring & management

Patch management & automated updates

Scheduled preventative maintenance & protection

Data backups & security updates

Remote Technical Support

With remote working becoming more prevalent than ever, we can support you without ever stepping foot on-site. At Vivio, we use cutting edge cloud-based technology to its full potential to support you and your end users, no matter where you are.

From installation to completion, our remote tools can be deployed quickly and easily with minimal, if not zero, end-user involvement. Once our tools have been installed, we’re able to perform health checks on your equipment, manage your connected device inventory and quickly assist end users with any issues or questions they may have. Better yet, our automated alerts will mean that we’ll know about any issues before your end user does!

It’s imperative that end users feel comfortable with remote technical support, especially if we need to ask them to perform tasks. By combining video technology with our remote access tools, we can work collaboratively with your end users in a relaxed and efficient way. You can rest assured that each end user will get the support they need in order to continue to work as normal.

Key Benefits

  • Identify and recommend products
  • Flexible and dynamic approach
  • Tailored implementation processes
  • Ensuring the right access from day one
  • Remote support capabilities
  • Video technology & access tools

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