Internet of Things

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There is much more to an IoT SIM. At Vivio there’s connectivity options, management platforms and service support. We offer network choice and flexible tariffs on all UK mobile networks with unsteered, roaming and global capabilities. Get simplified pricing and ordering with no upfront SIM fee cost, no connection fees and no minimum quantity requirement. Also take advantage of our flexible data tariffs from low KB to multiple TB usage, plus data pools.

Our IoT SIMs are fit for any purpose as we can offer multiple form factors for the best fit for the application and specialist SIMs such as embedded SIMs (eSIM) that will future-proof applications and allow for network flexibility by swapping to the strongest connection over the air (OTA).

All of this is managed through online platforms giving you visibility and control whilst also allowing one point of billing regardless of the number of networks used.

With so many connections between numerous devices, our IoT based solutions collect and secure your data using top grade cloud technology, giving you the freedom to access your data securely, from anywhere.

Talk to us about an IoT technology consultation today for more information on evolution, application and maintenance of IoT solutions, embedded or wearable IoT technologies, smart environments and sustainable technology and growth.

Better yet, our IoT solutions are suitable to an array of vertical sectors, no matter the size or scale of your business…

Vertical Sectors


Intruder alarms
Door entry systems
Fieldforce automation
Lone worker applications

Transport & Logistics

Fleet management
Vehicle tracking
Route tracking
Status monitoring
Driver behaviour
Mobile insurance
PAYG insurance
Road signage
Traffic monitoring

Energy & Utilities

Industrial monitoring
Environmental monitoring
Water monitoring
Energy management
Remote sensor monitoring

Industry 4.0

Agriculture/Farming monitoring
Crop optimisation
Predictive Maintenance
In-plant monitoring
Remote site connectivity
Rapid deployment


Assisted Living
Patient record outcomes
Remote health monitoring


Display boards
Payment failover
Footfall monitoring
Voucher redemption


ADSL replacement/back-up

Does this sound like you?

The problem...

Meet Chris

Construction Manager

Chris relies heavily on expensive machinery and his company needs a way to be able to efficiently track these assets.


Other Relevant Industries

  • Civil Engineering
  • Plant Hire

Our solution - Machine Management & Tracking

Keeping track of expensive assets is vital, particularly in the construction industry.

Stay connected to your assets using machine management and tracking software, coupled with machine to machine SIM cards. Manage your assets from anywhere by connecting to any UK network.

Machine Management & Tracking Software

Centrally manage your assets remotely, including location and activity alerts.

M2M SIM Card

Remotely provision & monitor SIM cards with a system designed for telemetry data.

UK Roaming Network

Connect to any UK network with a single SIM, making sure your asset always has connection.

Solving 3 big challenges to IoT deployment

Keeping you connected...

Connect your applications.

Resilient connectivity​ with local, global and roaming IoT & M2M SIMs. Steered & unsteered.​ Multi-network SIMs.

Control your assets & your costs.

Control your connected assets across multiple networks and technologies using IoT’s most powerful management platform​.

Stay connected.

Keep internal communications flowing and focus on staff wellbeing through collaboration tools. So, whether you’re sat at your dining room table or in the back garden, you can host meetings, collaborate on working documents and keep connected.

Secure your data & reputations

Secure and resilient​ private infrastructure​ which overlays across the global mobile networks.

Keep your network secure.

Whether you are working remotely or in the office, security is paramount. Mobile Device Management combined with Private APNs is the perfect solution, allowing your team to securely access your company servers and resources.

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