Samsung Knox

Vivio provides advance security controls on Samsung Knox devices

Knox is Samsung’s guarantee of security, and a secure device gives you freedom to work and play how, where, and when you want. Samsung Knox consists of a highly secure platform built into Samsung devices and a set of solutions that leverage this platform.

Whether you’d like to keep your personal photos private, or remotely manage a batch of business smartphones, Knox has you covered.

Safeguards against threats always

Samsung’s Knox platform is fused into devices at both hardware and software level, underneath the operating system. As soon as you turn your device on Knox actively safeguards your personal / business information.

Flexible device management

With the Knox platform, over 1,000 APIs are available for apps to leverage granular management and control features of the Samsung devices.

Across Samsung devices

The Knox platform is currently embedded into most Samsung phone, tablets and wearables and runs on both Android and Tizen operating systems.

In partnership with Samsung, Vivio will keep you connected – securely.

Key Benefits

  • Greater control over device deployment
  • Increased security controls
  • 'Bring your own device' function
  • Data containerisation
  • Stay connected, protected & productive
  • Cross platform device control

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