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MaaS360 makes it simple to manage your phones. Businesses are becoming more and more mobile. Using smartphones and tablets to work on the go can save time and improve productivity. But managing a growing list of devices connecting to the network, and keeping everything secure, isn’t always easy.

We have a simple, fast and comprehensive way to deploy and manage those devices. Wherever they are. Whoever they belong to.

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The control you need. In one place.

  • Cloud-based, MaaS360 is easy to set up and use
  • One portal to manage all mobile devices
  • Works across all major mobile platforms
  • Control how and what devices can connect to your network
  • Ensures security and compliance
  • Improves your mobile device reporting and management.
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Key Benefits

  • Ensure security & compliance
  • Easily manage your phones
  • Work securely from anywhere
  • Flexible packages available
  • Management & security made easy
  • Gain valuable insight & reporting

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