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23/11/2017 14:58

Vivio enjoys an afternoon at Petty Pool College.

Vivio enjoys an afternoon at Petty Pool College.


Vivio get the opportunity to meet the staff and pupils at Petty Pool College.

Vivio enjoys an afternoon at Petty Pool College.

Director Liz Wright and some of her team met with pupils and staff at Petty Pool College at an open day today meeting one of our pupil placements Malcolm. 

Based in Sandiway Cheshire, Petty Pool is a charity set up in May 1981, with operational activities divided between Petty Pool Vocational College, which provides education and training for young people with learning disabilities, and Petty Pool Outdoor Centre, providing personal development through adventurous activities.

Petty Pool was introduced to Vivio through Cheshire Connect who matches the skills and expertise of local businesses and professionals.  Working together to create more sustainable voluntary organisations - something Vivio feels very passionate about and was happy to support this in offering an office placement with one of Petty Pools students, Tom.  He thoroughly enjoyed his time here;

"At Vivio the jobs I helped with were sorting out the stationary cupboard, cleaning and organising kitchen, gardening and outside maintenance, cleaning phones ready to return for customers.  I enjoyed the placement, the staff were friendly and kind, this made me feel relaxed and happy at work.  At Vivio I was able to see what it is actually like to work in an office and decide if I like it or not.

I also travel trained with my Job Coach to Vivio, after some practice weeks I was able to make this journey by myself, this made me feel happy and independent."