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01/05/2018 11:24

Vivio are proud to be an Ambassador of Cheshire Connect

Vivio are proud to be an Ambassador of Cheshire Connect


Vivio help two inspirational Charities to tackle some of their marketing challenges.

Vivio will continue to inspire and help local organisations by showcasing our skills to those who require them.

Vivio are proud to be an Ambassador of Cheshire Connect so when we received an invitation to exchange skills with Trafford Hall and Tarporley Hospital both inspirational charities, we were only too happy to help.

Trafford Hall is the home of The National Communities Resource Centre. It is a registered charity offering training and support to all those living and working in low-income areas throughout the United Kingdom to develop their skills, confidence and capacity to tackle problems and reverse poor conditions.

Tarporley War Memorial Hospital is at the heart of the community aiming to provide residents with a modern, accessible and caring health care service, supporting local GPs and the NHS. Tarporley Hospital is a much-loved local facility.

Vivio wanted to make the training interesting and engaging, ensuring that by the end of their one to one sessions they were confident to make best use of social media/ website.

We have achieved this by supporting both charities with on going support and providing training documents, which will help them tackle some of their marketing challenges.

This is proving to have a positive impact as they have already applied some of the top tips we discussed within the training.

Karen Hemmings, Operations Director from Tarporley Hospital said:

"We are delighted and inspired to have such forward thinking people to support us".

Sally Wyatt, Chief Executive from Trafford Hall said:

"Thanks for providing such an interesting and engaging training session".



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