11th June 2019

Vivio and Code Nation Partnership


Vivio are proud to annouce our partnership with digital training specialist, Code Nation. 

We’re extremely proud to partner with Code Nation and to be a part of a business that not only offers a digital solution to us, but the industry as a whole. The world is moving fast and the UK digital skills shortage is becoming a real issue. Businesses such as Code Nation are not only filling a skills gap, but they are also giving people the opportunity to enter into an industry that they never thought they could."

“We believe that it is vital to be proactively offering solutions."

James Wright CEO

Vivio are proud to announce our partnership with digital training specialist, Code Nation. The new Code Nation base within Vivio’s Chester HQ was opened by local MP Chris Matheson on Friday, which has the aim of addressing the digital skills shortage in Chester and throughout the UK.

Code Nation, Chester, provides a range of innovative training courses, including the master course; made up of 10 weeks of education and a two-week project, as well as a range of different length courses and apprenticeships, with bursaries and scholarships also available.

Learning a computer code is often compared to learning another language. In addition to imparting digital skills in a relatively short period of time, Code Nation helps students improve their team work, communication and general business skills as well as looking after themselves through mindfulness and good nutrition.

As a leading provider of mobile telecoms, cloud telephony and unified communications solutions, Vivio are committed to developing its own digital expertise to support Clients needs. The introduction of 5G, in addition to the growth of IoT (Internet of Things), augmented reality and artificial intelligence offers opportunities to businesses across all sectors.

Vivio are also offering a scholarship scheme with Code Nation for students on a range of courses to kickstart their careers in the digital sector, to find out more visit www.vivio.co.uk.

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