23rd March 2020

Top 5 tips for remote working


Remote working has never been so prevalent and for some, it's a completely new experience and a challenging on at that! So, if you're just getting to grips with working remotely, take a look at our top tips to ensure both productivity and morale are kept high...

It’s amazing to see our team pull together in such challenging times!

Despite deploying a completely remote workforce within 48 hours, we have managed to answer 96% of all inbound calls within 3 rings proving that with the right systems and technology you can still run a call centre environment from the comfort of your own home (even in isolation!)

Many of our colleagues are new to remote working, so we've taken our own learnings and top tips to share with you!

Sian Webster Head of Marketing

1. Maintain a routine

Working from home will no doubt be different from your usual routine, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to change. Get up, do a 10 minute workout, have a shower, get dressed and go to a dedicated area of your house to do work. Build a comfortable ‘work from home’ set up with a desk, a swivel chair (if available) and preferably somewhere with natural lighting – this can reduce distractions between work and home life. Take time away from the screen, perhaps take some calls on the move if possible and most importantly get up and have a stretch every so often.

2. Take regular breaks

It is important to make sure you are taking breaks, perhaps even more so than normal. It’s very easy to feel like you have to stay glued to your phone or laptop. If you have a garden, step outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy 10 mins of sunshine (if there is any). Don’t forget to put your phone on ‘do not disturb’, you don’t want to inadvertently miss any important calls! Ensure any calls are forwarded to either a colleague or a main number that colleagues can pick up on your behalf.



3. Stay in touch

Naturally you are going to be speaking to your colleagues throughout the day. However, it is easy to get caught up in the job at hand and miss out on the normal chat and banter that goes on when in the office, while you are doing the job. Touch base with colleagues, particularly those who live alone to ensure they are okay, especially if they are new to remote working.

4. Meet via video

Video conferencing has quickly become the norm, being present and seeing each other is an important part of keeping connected. Use collaborate tools such as Horizon Collaborate or Microsoft Teams to connect with colleagues via video and even instant chat.

5. Stick to timescales

Start work at your usual time, give yourself 5-10 minutes to get set up, grab a coffee etc. Take an allocated time for lunch and when it’s time to turn off, TURN OFF. Finish the day with your one and only, Boris-approved, trip out of the house to exercise.

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