04/07/2017 13:34

The O2 is 10 Years Old

The O2 is 10 Years Old


The O2 celebrates 10 years and you can join them by winning VIP passes to the best shows of the year.

O2 customers can get Priority Tickets 48 hours before public release for O2 events.

As The O2 celebrates such a big birthday here are 10 facts about The O2:

1. The tent structure of The O2, which is the world’s largest fabric structure, is visible from space.

2. In 2014, 13,551 burritos and 49,105 portions of chips were bought at The O2.

3. In 2015, 603,398 pints and 209,913 bottles of beer were sold.

4. It would take 3.8 million pints to fill The O2 with beer.

5. 36 million people have travelled to The O2 using the tube.

6. Before Bon Jovi played the opening night, The O2 was put through its paces with a special event for O2 staff and their guests. Named ‘The O2 Premiere’, the gig featured performances from Peter Kay, Kaiser Chiefs, Tom Jones and Basement Jaxx.

7. In 2013, The O2 hosted Campus Party Europe – the world’s largest technology event – which welcomed around 10,000 guests and featured appearances from some of the world’s leading technological minds, such as Vint Cerf, (one of the Internet’s founding fathers) and Noland Bushnell, who created Atari. Robosapien even showed up. 1,600 tents were erected and The O2 was home – for a week – to 3000 attendees who stayed and geeked out 24/7.

8. If you laid the Eiffel Tower on its side, it would fit inside The O2.

9. In the summer of 2012, The O2 was briefly renamed ‘The North Greenwich Arena’ during the London Olympics.

10. A special award – the 21 Club key – is presented to artists who have performed 21 nights at The O2. The 21 Club’s inaugural member was Prince, who has since been joined by One Direction, Michael McIntyre and Take That among others.

Remember O2 customers can get Priority Tickets 48 hours before public release for O2 events. All you need to do is download the Priority App and register.