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16/11/2017 15:34

OnePlus 5T launches today!

OnePlus 5T launches today!


The OnePlus 5T is confirmed and it’s coming today!

OnePlus 5T launched today with O2 - order your's today!

OnePlus 5T is launched today!

It’s set to replace the OnePlus 5 which is already no longer on sale on the OnePlus website which may seem odd as this is less than six months old. If you want the OnePlus 5T this will only be available on  the O2 network - please get in touch with us today if you wish to order yours. 

Some of the Key Features

  • 6.01” Display - Bigger, border-less screen, but hardly any bigger.
  • Dash charge – a full day’s power from half an hour.
  • Oxygen OS.
  • Advanced Facial Recognition.
  • High resolution dual camera system, with a 16 MP main camera supported by a 20 MP secondary camera for enhanced, low-light performance and beautiful portraits.
  • Benefit from different usage scenarios - the bigger screen makes it easier to multi-task at same time.

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