10th March 2020

How unified communications can help your business as coronavirus fears loom


As coronavirus continues to spread at pace and the World Health Organization issues a global health emergency, it’s more important than ever to think about a remote working contingency plan so that your business can continue to run as usual. Learn more about how collaboration and video conferencing tools can help you scale up your remote working strategies.

If you haven't done so already, as a business, you need to evaluate your ability to conduct business as usual during a pandemic.

Have you considered a disaster recovery plan yet?

Sian Webster Head of Marketing

From assessing supply chain resilience to gauging the short and long term effects of coronavirus within your industry – what steps are you taking to prepare you for the unknown?

Cast your mind back to the last pandemic in 2009, when swine flu threatened businesses – do your learnings from then still apply now? Much has changed over a decade, from advancements in technology and innovation to an increase in the use of software as a service and other cloud-based applications. Generally, businesses operate differently now than they did 11 years ago, which means your business continuity and disaster recovery plan will need updating, and fast.

The most important part of this plan is undoubtably unified communications. With the UK government advising anyone showing signs to self-isolate to avoid the spread of the virus, remote working strategies are the best form of defence against high absenteeism. From staying away from work to cancelling meetings and events, here’s one solution to get rid of that nagging coronavirus headache…

Horizon Collaborate

Consider Horizon Collaborate, a telecommuting solution, offering instant messaging, presence monitoring, voice, video, desktop/application and document sharing – It’s the perfect way to keep your workforce connected. Longterm adoption of collaborative work tools can improve the workplace experience, reduce business costs and complexity, streamline IT operations, improve responsiveness and reduce your carbon footprint.

According to Nemertes Research, 63% of enterprises are using or planning to use team collaboration applications in 2020 – this was before the spread of coronavirus. During a pandemic, businesses will have no choice but to communicate via platforms such as Horizon Collaborate to avoid a negative impact on their business.

Read our full Horizon Collaborate brochure here.

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