21st February 2020

How the Internet of Things (IoT) could revolutionise your office


The internet of things (IoT) put simply is everything that is “connected” to the internet but more so, the term is used to define objects that communicate with each other.... Think smartphones, wearable tech and sensors.

We are currently living in an increasingly connected world and the internet of things is pretty much still in its infancy. What seemed impossible last decade is becoming a reality. Humans are now at the beginning of harnessing data to improve the way we work and live, and there is still so much longer to go before we start reaping the real benefits.

Sian Webster Head of Marketing

But what about now? How can your business benefit from everything that IoT currently has to offer? Well, you’re in luck as there are plenty of innovative applications currently available without the hefty price tag! Adopting IoT doesn’t have to be a million years away, check out these handy IoT solutions that could be deployed in your offices today to help improve your business…

Space Occupation

Ever thought about tracking activity within your office to help utilise space better? For those businesses who employ a hot desk policy, space occupation is particularly relevant. With a network of IoT sensors you could create an office heat map to understand the current floor plan and optimise space to create a better work environment. These connected devices could monitor activity within hallways, meeting rooms and welcome desks to allow for smarter management of office space.

Maintenance Tracking

Never run out of ink or paper again. Receive real-time stock replenishment, automated progress and maintenance reports from internet-connected devices and appliances within your office. So, if there’s an issue with the printer you’ll know about it instantly whether it’s low on ink or has a paper jam. Connect these IoT devices to your inventory and they could send out an automated order for new stock whilst you can get on with your day.

Equipment Tracking

Keep track of the equipment you provide to employees without the hassle of a complicated sign in and out process. With IoT tagging you can keep track of business assets such as mobile phones, laptops, hardware and more.

Smart Lighting

Employee productivity can be affected by poor lighting and eye strain in a poorly lit office can be a real problem. IoT connected bulbs can adjust the colour balance throughout the day so that your team can get on with strain free work.

These are just some of the solutions readily available to businesses right now – The internet of things will only become more prevalent and businesses need to start adopting it to stay ahead of the curve and more importantly, future-proof their business.

It’s estimated that emergency response time cut be cut by up to 40% by adopting IoT – if it could benefit the emergency services in such a way, just think about what IoT could do for your office productivity.

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