7th May 2020

How our bill review analysis can help you manage your business mobile phone users


Whether it is unbilled usage data or highlighting areas for concern to avoid any future bill shocks, our Billing team are always on hand to offer cost-saving advice to ensure you are on the best tariff available.

The bill review analysis is so helpful and clear that I don’t even bother with the network provider bill as that’s just way to complicated. Looking at the data analysis Vivio provide is so easy for me, which allows me to manage my mobile estate and my users with ease.”

Martin Wilkins IT Manager at Adaptimmune

At Vivio, as part of our award-winning customer service, our Billing team provides comprehensive bill reviews to each and every client on a monthly basis. Each bill review contains the following:

  • Account Summary
  • Call Type Summary
  • Cost Centre Summary
  • UK Minutes
  • UK SMS
  • UK and EU Data Summary
  • Roamed Data Summary
  • Non-Geographic Summary
  • Top Users by Cost
  • Top International and Roaming
  • Itemised Calls
  • Line rental and Bolts-ons

From this, the team provide a summary on the latest bill, recommend cost-saving tariff changes and action any request for acceptance of the recommendations with the mobile phone network. This involves liaising with the network on behalf of the client on billing queries and seeing this through to resolution.

In a recent survey, we asked our clients for feedback on the bill reviews they had received in months gone by to better understand the ways our clients were utilising the information we provided them with. All respondents said that they found the information we provided useful with 90% saying that they specifically used the report to monitor employee usage levels.

A key point we took from this survey was the fact that every client used the information in different ways. See for yourselves…

“I think you do a great job highlighting any anomalies in your email and then being able to take a general look before going into detail. Love it thanks!”

“We like the data usage report as it shows us quickly who the top data users are.”

“I actually think the best bit is the summary in the email – a quick glance to let us know how we’re doing compared to contract overall.”

Martin at Adaptimmune continued, “To be honest you’re a great company with great people running it. You’re always helpful, even to people who aren’t comms experts! You’re always patient and have time for me. Even in these difficult times our account manager and the team have been there. So yes, you all deserve a hearty round of applause. Keep up the great work and thanks!”

Do you have any feedback on our bill review process? Or interested in finding out about how Vivio can help you find the best telecom solution, whether that be business mobile phones, fixed-line, hosted or unified communications solutions? Contact our team of experts today!

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