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06/06/2018 13:35

EE to switch on 'UK's first' 5G trial in London

EE to switch on 'UK's first' 5G trial in London


Residents and businesses in Tech City will get chance to try out 5G

EE 5G London - Ten sites will be switched on.

EE will switch on the UK’s first live 5G trial in October, allowing consumers and businesses to test out the next generation of mobile networks in London’s Tech City.

A social media search for five SMBs and five residents to test the network using prototype devices will soon be launched, allowing EE to see how 5G behaves in a real-life environment.

Tech City, along with Wembley Stadium, has been one of two areas EE has traditionally used to showcase its latest network innovations and claims the advent of 5G – powered by high-band 3.4GHz spectrum – will be especially relevant in densely populated areas.

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