29th September 2020

COVID-19 and Track & Trace


At Vivio, The Ministry of Technocracy has delved into the different ways tech has adapted in the current climate we live in. Next up in our mini blog-series we look at the track & trace technology.

Join us everyday this week as we look into various ways technology has adapted since COVID-19 changed the way we live and work.

Nick Hilton Billing & Data Team Specialist

It’s undeniable that in some ways the pandemic will change life for us all far into the future, though the brakes have been put on travelling for the time being, it doesn’t change the fact that we live in a hyper connected society and an increasingly connected world. Because of that we have to live with the fact that whilst viruses come and go there’s always another potentially working its way through society and across borders. The good news is that we adapt, we find ways to win, and we progress. As always, and more so than ever; the key is technology. 

It may be long overdue but the NHS track and trace app is a big step forwards into dealing with risk and life in this new world. Powered by a system developed by Apple and Google, the app uses Bluetooth to scan and keep a log of any devices that have come within two metres of each other for an extended period of time, all completely anonymously of course. The longer and closer the devices are to each other the more ‘points’ will be logged, the higher the points, the more ‘at risk’ you have been. If someone unfortunately tests positive for the virus, they tell the app which then works through the log to notify anyone who is determined to have been a ‘close contact’. Those close contacts are advised to self-isolate, and importantly of course, the identity of everyone is kept completely secure. Plus, O2 

Whatever you think of the restrictions we see put in place, I think there’s huge potential here. This is utilising the technology that is ubiquitous in society to minimise viral transmission in a way which has next to no impact on our daily lives and more importantly than ever does so completely anonymously… So, much better than leaving your contact details on a piece of paper in the pub, right? 

One day we will raise the flag and claim we’re done with COVID, but at that point do we need to ditch the app? Why not keep it and adapt it to alert for other infections so that when the next virus comes around we’re ahead of the game and not just staring up at the curve. If only we could eliminate the common cold and never have those horrible days of blocked noses again, but maybe the tech isn’t quite ready for that yet.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we look at virtual reality with Finance Support Specialist, Scott Mcharrie.

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