28th September 2020

COVID-19 and the Apple Watch OS 7 Update


At Vivio, The Ministry of Technocracy has delved into the different ways tech has adapted in the current climate we live in. First up in our mini blog-series we look at the health benefits the new WatchOS 7 update has to offer.

Join us everyday this week as we look into various ways technology has adapted since COVID-19 changed the way we live and work.

Greg Nott Head of Managed Services

Arguably the most exciting announcements coming out of Apples’ doughnut-shaped HQ in California in recent years has not been about the latest iterative iPhone updates, but about the Apple Watch.

In a very ‘Apple’ way the Watch has stolen a march in an existing market and quickly become indispensable to those of us that use one. The Apple Watch is the only watch I have worn consistently, every single day since buying the original model back in April 2015. I interact with my Watch, for checking messages and other notifications more than I do with my iPhone. I use my Watch for contactless pay a lot more than I use my bank card. Every day (well nearly…) I am driven by my Watch to close my exercise rings, keeping me fit. Well, nearly. 

Maybe it says more about my age that I find having these Bond-like tools & gadgets on my wrist so cool, but what is most exciting is how the Apple Watch is at the forefront of personal healthcare. Apple Watch can notify you of significantly high or low heart rate. The Watch can also notify you of irregular heart rhythms, which can indicate health problems, before any symptoms are shown. More than this, you can perform an ECG check and the Watch will tell you if you should be contacting emergency services. The Apple Watch can even notify Emergency Services, or other emergency contacts, if it detects you have fallen and are incapacitated. All of this real-time health data can then be stored in the Health app on your iPhone to share with medical professionals if needed. 

I know this probably all sounds like a bad advert from an Apple fan-boy but the fact is that the Apple Watch saves lives. There are many such stories on-line. Five can be found HERE.

Technology is always at its best and most inspiring when it genuinely has an impact on people’s lives and there is no bigger impact than preserving it. Apple loves to shout about these stories at their launch events and who can really blame them?

Now with the latest version of the Watch launched on the 16th September, wearers can measure their Blood Oxygen level – an indication of your overall wellness. Significant changes in your measurements could be an indication of illnesses such as respiratory diseases like Covid-19. The Watch will now also automatically recognise when you are washing your hands and countdown 20 seconds to ensure you have washed them properly. That’s got to beat singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’! 

The current Coronavirus has proven that we can’t always rely or fall back on medical help so it is all the more important that we take more personal responsibility for our health and looking after ourselves. I look forward to seeing what else it will do for us in the future.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we look at track and trace with our data expert, Nick Hilton.

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