1st October 2020

COVID-19 and Gesture Control


At Vivio, The Ministry of Technocracy has delved into the different ways tech has adapted in the current climate we live in. Next up in our mini blog-series we look at gesture control.

Join us everyday this week as we look into various ways technology has adapted since COVID-19 changed the way we live and work.

Keisha Vanden Operations Support Specialist

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, everyday things such as touchscreen has been met with, well… plenty of hand sanitiser!

In the months that followed, we’ve seen more and more gesture control gadgets flood the market as more people are wary about touching public objects, making them less likely to interact with them. Gesture control allows the general public to interact with a device without touch or audio commands – a common example being hand sanitiser stations, we simply put our hand underneath, trigger the sensor which releases the sanitiser into our hands.

Hardly a new development right?… Wrong, you will begin to see the same technology used within the self-serve checkouts at supermarkets, fast-food digital order stations and ticket machines, removing the need to physically touch and help prevent the spread of germs.

BMW has already started to implement gesture control in some of the newer models, making is easier for the driver to concentrate and not have to reach for buttons when driving.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we look at 3D printing with Junior Developer, Kieran Proctor.

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