30th September 2020

Apple Updates – iOS 14 & WatchOS 7


Despite delaying the annual launch of the new iPhone, Apple has got fans salivating over the new iOS 14 and watchOS 7 updates.

With news of the latest iPhone yet to be released, we take a closer look at the latest iOS and Watch updates...

Sian Webster Head of Marketing

Released on September 16th, iOS 14 is one of the biggest updates to date introducing major new changes, updates to existing apps and other improvements to streamline the new interface. With features including fake eye contact in FaceTime, the ability to watch a YouTube video without staying within the app and an emoji keyboard, these welcomed enhancements look to enrich the Apple iPhone experience.

We’ve taken a dive into the new features and handpicked the top 5 most impressive improvements…

5. In at number five you have the smart stack feature that uses on-device intelligence to display the right homepage widget based on time, location and activity. You can customise each home page screen based on preference and there’s even a widget gallery where users can choose new widgets from apps and customise them too.

4. At number four you have the Picture in Picture mode allowing users to watch videos whilst using other apps elsewhere – Handy for watching YouTube whilst on FaceTime, for example.

3. Siri improvements are at number three, with Siri now able to answer a greater range of questions as well as being able to send audio messages. There is also an even greater layer of privacy with keyboard dictation running on device for dictated messages.

2. At number two we have compact phone calls. That’s right… incoming calls no longer take up the entire home screen, instead a smaller banner notification appears at the top of the screen.

1. Drumroll please…At number one we have digital car keys! Having the ability to unlock your car with just your phone or Apple Watch. Next year, with the U1 chip you won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket. Car keys can be shared through Messages and disabled via iCloud if an iPhone is lost.

Apple also launched an update for the Apple Watch with a number of notable health and fitness features. Here’s our countdown of our top 5 faves…

5. In at five we have the wind down feature, helping you establish a bedtime routine to help you fully “switch off”. There are shortcuts such as dimming lights, opening a meditation app and a sleep mode that automatically turns off your screen and turns on Do Not Disturb.

4. At four we have the family set up feature, allowing children and older adults to use an Apple Watch without having an iPhone. With this feature, multiple Watches can be paired to one iPhone, with parental controls included.

3. In at number three we have an update to the Maps app that has directions for cyclists with maps that include elevation changes, stairs, cycle lanes and busy roads. You can even search along your route for place to stop off and eat.

2. WatchOS 7 has been enhanced to protect your hearing – in at number two you have the Reduce Loud Sounds option that sets a max headphone volume to prevent hearing damage.

1. Keeping your hands clean has never been so important which is why this nifty feature hits the top spot. In at number 1 we have the hand washing detection feature which automatically detects when you begin washing and starts a 20 second timer – it will even send you a reminder for when you get home.

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