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10/07/2018 09:16

Apple Samsung truce

Apple Samsung truce


After seven long years Apple and Samsung have finally settled their bitter dispute over alleged patent violations.

The two competitors finally called off their seven-year legal battle this week.

The seven-year-long smartphone patent battle between Apple and Samsung is finally over. It ended without ceremony, with a confidential settlement likely signed in the banal office of a lawyer.

The truth is that the provenance of smartphone design hasn’t mattered for a very long time. The iPhone 4 was the last major leap forward from the original iPhone. Since then, we’ve watched years of cross-copying and iterating from every hardware manufacturer. Where we can expect to see innovative design is in software–and in particular, how tech companies are embedding AI in their products (even if it’s largely been through voice assistants that don’t seem all that smart, for now). Meanwhile, the technology underlying all smartphones will keep interactively evolving, with faster processors and cameras that are incrementally better than the previous model. Just like computers did before smartphones. Or fridges. Or cars. Or any other invention that changed the world.

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