29th November 2019

5 tips to prevent IT outages & avoid costly downtime


In a world where we are so reliant on systems, use these preventative measures to ensure you're not caught out in the event your systems fail on you.

Digital transformation for all businesses is inevitable – it has to be.

Sian Webster Head of Marketing

The sheer pace at which new technologies are being adopted means that more and more customer touch points are becoming digital and with it comes incredibly high customer expectations, to the point that seamless user experiences on all channels at all times is a bare minimum.

Easy, right? Not so much. Even the biggest companies have suffered IT outages, causing huge disruption that’s directly impacted the customer.

From travel chaos when British Airways systems went offline to Facebook outages causing uproar amongst millennials, it’s happened to the best of them. So, we get it, it’s normal to fear costly outages and downtime but fear not!

Take these preventative measures to ensure your organisation avoids any IT headaches:

  1. Check, check and then check again

Reviewing the code within your systems can significantly reduce errors whilst a thorough review of network changes should also be carried out.


  1. Set up a solid monitoring process

Make sure that your systems are monitored before any changes are made and set up alerts so you can respond quickly to any change that negatively impacts the health, availability or performance of your systems.

  1. Compartmentalise changes

Avoid making wholesale changes which could affect multiple areas of the IT infrastructure. Instead, break them down into smaller, more manageable changes that can be reverted if needed.

  1. Assume errors will happen

Create a contingency plan on how to tackle any possible outcome so that you can deal with any IT crisis should it occur.

  1. Communicate

Ensure your workforce is made aware of any changes before they are made to avoid company-wide disruption and a helpdesk nightmare.

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