5th May 2020

12-month recap: Security in an ever-connected world


Next up in our #MinistryOfTechnocracy mini-series blog we take a look at how important security is in an ever-connected world and what could happen should our network of connected devices ever completely fail.

The image of a world completely connected is just around the corner. Connectivity is driving growth in economies across the globe and shaping the lives of every person in ways we couldn’t imagine. It’s hard not to be excited, it’s hard not to see the incredible benefits and enhancements it’s bringing and it’s hard (especially in our business) to not cheer it on as it grows at pace. For the most part, that’s exactly what we should do.

Nick Hilton Billing & Data Team Specialist

Security in an ever-connected world

Would we be able to cope to a fraction of the level we’ve been able to during COVID-19 if we weren’t connected to incredibly powerful and intelligent networks? Think back to where we were ten years ago and it’s clear the answer is, no. Even before the pandemic, the benefits of a network which can understand and map the relationships between the devices being used at home during rush hour, the traffic in the roads and the routes required for emergency services is ever more apparent. But what happens when this network fails?

What happens when we consolidate everything so much that when one network fails the rest do too? What happens when those networks are exposed and malicious forces have so much control over their target that your tv super-villains would turn green with envy?

A recent episode of Click highlighted the catastrophic effect this would have. As commuters across London return home the streetlights start to change erratically, cars crash, the traffic grows and the roads turn to a standstill. At the same time the emergency services responding to this find the network they rely on (which is of course connected to the traffic) becomes unable to give them the routes or the information they need to get to where they want to be.

As haunting an image as that is, we shouldn’t be afraid, as with everything else in life we just need to keep in mind how we can secure our devices and our networks to make sure that security is always considered as we move forwards. The best example of this is the government limiting Huawei’s involvement in the construction of our 5G networks.

The technology we have today is amazing, the technology we have tomorrow will be phenomenal and there is so much good that we can do with it, we just have to make sure, now more than ever, that safety and security comes first.

Next Up: Artificial intelligence and the Catholic Church…

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