22nd April 2020

12-month recap: Accessible Coding


Welcome to the first in our #MinistryOfTechnocracy mini-series blog, as we embark on a 12 month review of the "latest" emerging technologies from 2019. This week we take a look at how accessible coding has developed - stay tuned for more!

Our team has analysed various topics highlighted on BBC technology show ‘Click’ to see just how far the "latest" emerging technologies of 2019 have come. From technology vs pollution to security in an ever-connected world, we have a whole host of topics to cover over the course of the coming weeks.

Greg Nott Head of Managed Services

Accessible Coding

As technology starts to replace human jobs at pace, we end up with an ever bigger ‘digital skills gap’.

Less people are able to find work in the affected industries and more people are needed to actually create and maintain the technology in the first place. Innovative companies – such as our sister company Code Nation – are already taking steps to fill this gap, by bringing coding skills to the masses. But how do people with visual impairments and other accessibility needs fit in to this digital future, particularly when coding is such a visual medium?

Last year, Click highlighted a new system called Code Jumper. Originally designed by Microsoft and developed by APH. Using large, tactile, brightly coloured blocks which represent chunks of code, children can learn basic programming concepts and how to think computationally. Not only this but it also allows children with accessibility needs to code and create alongside any other child.

Twelve months later, Code Jumper is now available around the world and is partnered with sight loss charities around the work such as Vision Australia, CNIB in Canada and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) here in the UK. Other organisations are also taking the idea of ‘tactile coding’ and bringing out their own solutions!

Next Up: Commercial Drone Use…

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