Selwood Limited


Vivio have introduced Selwood to new products where they believe can help drive improvements within their business.

Selwood is a world leader in pump manufacturing, the leading pump rental solutions company in the UK and a renowned supplier of plant and construction equipment for hire and sale. They are proud to deliver unrivalled expertise, exceptional customer service and a comprehensive product range. Read more here.


Previously our mobile phone contract was held directly with a network rather than with a 3rd party supplier. Having been involved with the administration of the contract for several years two issues became apparent;

1) We were not receiving a satisfactory level of customer service

2) If a user experienced signal problems in their area there was no economically viable alternative option


We selected Vivio as our new supplier in December 2014 and have not been disappointed.  From the initial contact with the delightful Emma Hughes, through contract negotiations with Gary Scouller to the Account Management from Lucy Rowe, our experience with Vivio has been a good one with highlights such as;

• Smooth migration to the O2 Network

• Flexibility of using multiple networks where necessary

• Responsive and professional Customer Service

• Innovation: Vivio have introduced us to new products where they believe they can help to drive improvements within our business.

I would highly recommend Vivio as a provider as they have listened to our needs and have followed through on their promises.

Stuart Good IT Manager