Chase de Vere


Our detailed bill analysis reports have proved invaluable, helping save time with internal administration and controlling costs.



Chase de Vere are independent financial advisers who pride themselves on demonstrating the experience, expertise and know-how to offer the right advice, in the right way, at the right time. Find out more about them here.


Chase de Vere manages their company mobile costs internally through employee spend limits. Over spends are charged back to each employee. Therefore they need to understand usage costs at an individual end user level. With 235 employees this is no easy task. Before partnering with Vivio they were on a pence-per-minute tariff which gave the required visibility but offered poor value for money.


Vivio moved Chase de Vere to a much more competitive bundle tariff, giving a significant cost saving. We now produce a monthly bill review, breaking down usage by mobile number; so that Chase de Vere can easily charge usage back to individuals when appropriate. Our monthly bill reviews also identify where overspend can be avoided, and we take immediate corrective actions to ensure future unnecessary charges are avoided.

“We took the decision to leave O2 direct over 2 years ago. As a contract of around 200 connections we no longer felt that a company the size of O2 could look after our day to day needs. Moving to Vivio gave us a smaller team to deal with and also saves us a couple of hours per month in bill analysis, as the team in Chester do that for us and highlight any areas that need to be reviewed”.

Chase de Vere