Caesars Entertainment UK


Our flexible tariffs and proactive service have saved Caesars both time and money, particularly while travelling internationally.

Caesars Entertainment UK is one of Europe’s leading casino companies, offering a diverse portfolio of entertainment, gaming, restaurants and bars at locations throughout the United Kingdom, South Africa and Egypt. They have been a Vivio Client for over 6 and a half years, and we manage over 100 mobile connections for them. Find out more about them here.



Caesars operate from multiple locations throughout the UK and internationally. The business prides itself on service and the highest standards of customer care, therefore they needed communication technology that keeps up with their pace of business and high standards of service whilst travelling internationally.


Vivio provide a named points of contact for every Client as well as the support of our Client Services, Technical and Billing Specialist teams. So every time a Caesars employee is travelling on business they simply have to call Vivio and we check that they are on the best commercial tariff for the area they are travelling to, and that no bars are active on their mobile. This allows Caesars to provide consistently high levels of customer care wherever they are in the world.

'We have been with Vivio for over 6 years and find the service much more personal than when we worked with a network directly. Every time one of our employees travels we get in touch with Grahame or Daryl and they ensure that that our employee's mobile phone will work, without a huge bill!''

Jags Rattu IT Engineer (Business Continuity)