Caesars Entertainment UK


Office 365 has helped Caesars enhance customer loyalty by providing a contestant experience at each club location.

Caesars Entertainment UK is one of Europe’s leading casino companies, offering a diverse portfolio of entertainment, gaming, restaurants and bars at locations throughout the United Kingdom, South Africa and Egypt.


Many Caesars employees work remotely from multiple locations throughout the UK. It can be a challenge to keep all those locations moving in sync to deliver a consistent—and consistently positive—customer experience. Therefore, a powerful communication tool was needed to keep all staff up to date with the same information.


Office 365 ensures that all Caesars staff are easy to get hold of no matter where they are, and no matter what device they are working on they get a consistent experience. And collaboration isn’t limited to the office either. For example, staff can now start a call or presentation in the office before transferring to a mobile phone to wrap it up on the road. Skype for Business allows you to do so without disrupting your workflow.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Access to your work anywhere
  • The Freedom to work from a PC, a Mac, a Tablet or a Smartphone
  • Microsoft Office Licence
  • A monthly description
  • 1 TB of secure storage per user
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We communicate faster using Office 365, especially being able to share desktops. If people have issues they can share the problem immediately from anywhere, home or work

Jags Rattu IT Engineer (Business Continuity)