When it comes to keeping you connected, there's no one that does it quite like Vivio.

We know that other companies can provide your business with a set of mobile phones, but we pride ourselves on the fact that no one will be able to provide you with a better Client service.

Our Chester telecoms business began in 2001, and whilst we’ve always done things differently, it’s our award winning Client service that truly sets us apart.

We know that communication technology is massively important, but what matters most to us is the people that we’re connecting. That’s why our focus is putting those people, our Clients first.

By providing you with a named account manager. By being at the cutting edge of business communications technology. By always remembering what is most important to us, and that’s you.

As well as providing the very latest in business IT services and business telecoms solutions, we also have the passion, the know-how, and most importantly, the people, to keep you and your business connected, no matter where you are.

In fact, we do this so well that we’ve been awarded O2 Partner of the Year two years running!

Client service

As an independent business telecoms provider, we pay attention to the little things.

We believe in developing happy, successful and lasting relationships, which means taking the time to understand your requirements and matching them to a solution that’s truly right for you. That’s why our Client Services, IT Services and Account Management teams have won industry awards for providing fantastic, proactive and personal service.

As part of the Vivio experience, we combine the very best in existing and emerging business technologies. We continuously bring you premium services and cost savings, as well as creating seamlessly integrated solutions to meet and exceed your business telecoms and IT service needs- allowing your team to get on with what they do best without interruption.

Benefits of working with Vivio...

  • Proactive bill analysis
  • Bespoke solutions to continuously benefit you
  • Two-ring phone answer policy
  • Email response within 2 hours
  • A named direct point of contact for personal service
  • In depth technical support
  • Next-day delivery policy on all hardware orders (subject to stock availability)
  • Free loan phone service

Meet the team

  • Carissa Meyer Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Vivio is like cheese and crackers…VERY moreish!

  • James Griffiths Senior Client Engagement Manager

    Vivio is like...

    A bag of Allsorts sweets. Why? Because there are all sorts of people at Vivio.

  • Tom Drury Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    A Range Rover - despite the obstacles that it has in front of it, the company is still hungry to keep moving forward and progress to the top.

  • Andrea Morris Commercial Director

    Vivio is like...

    Sushi! The people that love us get it, the people that don't just haven't been brave enough to try...

  • Lucy Rowe Executive PA

    Vivio is like...

    Buzz Lightyear. We go to infinity and beyond to ensure our clients receive the best experience.

  • Gary Scouller Sales Director

    Vivio is like...

    Liam Neeson in Taken. What we have are a very particular set of skills; skills we have acquired over a very long career.

  • Suzie Whibberley Head of Finance & Operations

    Vivio is like...

    Chocolate... everyone loves a bit of chocolate!

  • Naomi Robinson Operations Support Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    A Formula 1 team. Always looking to improve on the last pit stop, to ensure everything runs smoothly so you can continue your race in life.

  • Gabriella Williams Finance Assistant

    Vivio is like...

  • Tom Hadfield Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    If Vivio was a city it would be Tokyo - full to the brim with happy Techy people.

  • Andrew Vickers Technical Development Executive

    Vivio is like...

    German Beer. Plenty of blends for everyone and offering great taste!

  • Scott McHarrie Finance Assistant Apprentice

    Vivio is like...

    A cheeky Nandos... there is something to suit everyone!

  • Kevin Morris Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Neville Southall... all our Clients are in safe hands!

  • Daryl Best Client Services Team Manager

    Vivio is like...

    MC Hammer because our competitors… can’t touch this!

  • Nicola Foster Finance Support Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    Prosecco...everyone feels happy after a glass.

  • Louisa Tett Executive Assistant

    Vivio is like...

    One of those rare old sweet shops. A selection of all your favourites along with exciting new ones….. something to suit everyone.

  • Stuart Evans Managing Director

    Vivio is like...

    Your favourite cocktail….the best ingredients, blended together perfectly with skill and care.

  • Keisha Vanden Operations Support Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    A calculator- we have a solution for everything

  • Grahame Lewis Head of Account Management

    Vivio is like...

    If Vivio was a car it would be a German car professional, efficient, trusted and regarded as the best in class due to awards won.

  • Mathew Hayes Client Services Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    Cream always rises to the top... so does Vivio.

  • Daniel Chowen Operations Team Manager

    Vivio is like...

    A rally car. A high performance machine which can take all that is thrown at it no matter what.

  • Bryony Webster Client Services Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    Is like a good book – you don’t’ want to put it down or walk away from it.

  • Jason Feely Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Ferrari. Do it with passion or not at all.

  • Nicola Baxter Account Support Executive

    Vivio is like...

    Conor McGregor- we're good at what we do and we aren't afraid to say it.

  • Jonathon Alley Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Rum Punch... practically perfect in every way!

  • James Wright CEO

    Vivio is like...

    A camera…focus on what’s important and capture good times…develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out take another shot!

  • Ryan Oliver Junior IT Support Engineer

    Vivio is like...

    a SR-71 "Blackbird". A ground-breaking, lightning fast, perfectly engineered machine.

  • Christie Scouller Marketing Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Jenga - combines friends, skill, strategy and laughter!

  • Ben Legend Support Analyst

    Vivio is like...

    A Friday night every day! You never want it to end…

  • Antur Jones Client Services Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    A bottle of wine. It just gets better with age.

  • Chris McLaughlin Senior Client Engagement Manager

    Vivio is like...

    It's slick, sexy, dangerous and full of madness - the party never stops...

  • Paul Cozens Senior Developer

    Vivio is like...

    you’re best friend, always there when you need them!

  • Nicola Wilcock Client Development Executive

    Vivio is like...

    a city... there’s something for everyone and it’s always adapting!

  • Kerry Jones Operations Support Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    A buffet- full of variety and something you can always rely on.

  • Luke Wadham Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    A nice cold pint of Estrella. It's a refreshing, friendly drink you can enjoy when things are going either good or bad, and hopefully leaves you wanting more.

  • Andrew Millington Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Baileys. Who doesn't like Baileys?

  • James Baker Billing & Data Team Leader

    Vivio is like...

    Lionel Messi- we're the best at what we do!

  • Chris Moore Client Services Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    Formula One. There are a few good teams out there, but there is only one team that excels above the rest!

  • Gemma Baldwin Account Support Executive

    Vivio is like...

    F1 McLaren. A finely tuned machine, powered by a great team!

  • Nick Hilton Billing Team Specialist

    Vivio is like...

    A good liqueur coffee on a cold winters day. It’s warm, it does exactly what you need it to do, and it makes life a little bit easier.

  • Greg Nott Head of Managed Services

    Vivio is like...

    A fine malt whiskey. Aged beautifully, gets better the older it gets, and although it's not to everyone's taste, if you drink enough, it will grow on you!

  • Jack Hayden Help Desk Team Leader

    Vivio is like...

    Ariel Atom. It's simplicity at its finest.

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In my experience it’s not very often that you get a company that offer services at such a good rate and can also offer customer support at such a high level.

Link Group

I have worked with Vivio for over 10 years now and they have provided brilliant customer service and attention throughout. The service we have received has been invaluable.

Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd

Vivio are proactive at monitoring our account and advice is freely given to help us reduce costs. They always go the extra mile.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Vivio are extremely proactive, always looking to reduce our costs and improve the service. I have every confidence that we partnered with the right company

Zodiac Maritime

Vivio is one of a dying breed. Honest in all they do. Professional and more importantly they CARE about their clients.

Hyway Logistics