When it comes to keeping you connected, there's no other business quite like Vivio.

We know that other companies can provide your business with a set of mobile phones, but we pride ourselves on the fact that no one will be able to provide you with a better Client service.

Since we began in 2001, we've always known that our Client service would be what made us different. We knew that while communication technology was massively important, it was just technology. What mattered most to us were the people that we were connecting. That’s why our focus has always been on putting people first.

By providing you with a named account manager. By being at the cutting edge of communications technology, but always understanding our reason for being there. By always remembering what is most important to us, and that’s you.

From mobile phones and fixed telephone lines, to the very latest cloud-based innovations and business productivity tools, we have the passion, the know-how, and most importantly the people to keep you and your business connected. In fact, we were awarded O2 Partner of the Year!

We do all this because we want to create a world of Clients and Colleagues who are connected by great technology, great advice, and great service.

Client service

At Vivio we bring together the best of existing and emerging technologies to offer premium solutions and cost savings to our Clients. As an independent business communications provider, you can be sure that we’ll keep your team communicating, working and doing what they do best with our joined-up business solutions.

We have built an experienced and highly trained Crew who are committed to providing you with great technology, great advice and great service. We believe in developing successful and lasting relationships and our consultative approach enables us to understand your requirements and match them to a solution that’s right for you.

Our Client Services, Tech Services and Account Management teams have won industry awards for providing fantastic, proactive and personal service. We believe that by always innovating and treating people with respect, we can make the modern world a great place to live and work.


Benefits of working with Vivio...

  • Proactive bill analysis
  • Bespoke solutions to continuously benefit you
  • Three-ring phone answer policy
  • Email response within 2 hours
  • A named direct point of contact for personal service
  • In depth technical support
  • Next-day delivery policy on all hardware orders (placed before 5pm - subject to stock availability)
  • Free loan phone service

Meet the team

  • Emma Hughes Corporate Business Development

    Vivio is like...

    Fine athletes...we all train hard to be the best!

  • Mark Earlam Head of Client Services

    Vivio is like...

    Football...fast pace and full of team spirit!

  • James Griffiths Senior Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    The World’s fastest train... 1st class all the way!

  • Andrea Morris Commercial Director

    Vivio is like...

    Sushi! The people that love us get it... The people that don't just haven't been brave enough to try...

  • Chris McLaughlin Senior Account Manager

    Vivio is like...

    Its slick sexy dangerous and full of madness - the party never stops.....

  • James Wright Director

    Vivio is like...

    Like a road trip. An amazing journey!

  • Greg Nott Head of Client Propositions

    Vivio is like...

    A fine malt whisky. Aged beautifully, gets better the older it gets, and although its not to everyone's taste, if you drink enough it will grow on you! :-)

  • Suzie Whibberley Head of Finance

    Vivio is like...

    Chocolate - everyone loves a bit of chocolate!

  • Hayley Nott Client Services Team Leader

    Vivio is like...

    One crazy family who always looks after each other!

  • Gary Scouller Sales Director

    Vivio is like...

    Liam Neeson in Taken.... What we do have are a very particular set of skills; skills we have acquired over a very long career.

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Link Group

"In my experience it’s not very often that you get a company that offer services at such a good rate and can also offer customer support at such a high level."

Link Group
Wedge Group

"I have worked with Vivio for over 6 years now and they have provided brilliant customer service and attention throughout. The service we have received has been invaluable."

Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd

"Vivio are proactive at monitoring our account and advice is freely given to help us reduce costs. They always go the extra mile.’

Levi Strauss & Co.
Zodiac Maritime

"Vivio are extremely proactive, always looking to reduce our costs and improve the service. I have every confidence that we partnered with the right company".

Zodiac Maritime
Hyway Logistics

"Vivio is one of a dying breed. Honest in all they do. Professional and more importantly they CARE about their clients."

Hyway Logistics